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mountain bike repair

Repairing Mountain Bikes

You would think that bikes that can cost upwards of two or three thousand dollars would include more information […]

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Fix a Flat Tire

How to Fix a Flat Tire

If you are a regular cyclist, and even if you are an occasional one, you ought to know how […]

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are bicycles specifically designed to withstand the toughness and roughness of a cross country ride. Compared to […]

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quick tune up

Quick Tune Up For Spring Bicycle Riding

For those of us who put our bikes away for the winter, the time has come to dust them off and get ready to ride. When bringing a bike out of storage, a mini tune-up is necessary. When doing your quick tune up, pay special attention to the following four areas: chain, derailleur components, brakes, and wheels. Chain If you have been using an oil-based lubricant, consider switching to a wax-based product. The only advantage to an oil-based lubricant is that you need to apply it less […]

mountain bike disk brakes

Disk Brakes for Mountain Bikes

A mountain bike is a bicycle designed specifically for riding either on dirt trails or on other unpaved environments. Mountain bikes are different from regular bikes in many ways. For one they have wide and knobby tires for extra traction and shock absorption. And they usually come with disk brakes. As well, most mountain bikes are fitted with bar ends on the handlebars. However, with the increase in the popularity of riser handlebars, fewer riders now tend to use bar end extensions. There are basically four different […]

bicycle maintenance

Bicycle Maintenance

Learning to ride a bike is no big deal. If you fall off, just brush yourself off and climb back on. Learning bicycle maintenance and how to keep your bike from falling apart can be just as easy. Bicycle maintenance Bicycle maintenance is vital to the performance and preservation of your ride. Without proper maintenance, your bike will quickly go from a lean, mean, two-wheeled machine, to a squeaky, rusty, pant leg munching mess. Keeping your bicycle in top condition requires regular protective and preventive maintenance, some […]

Mountain Bike Maintenance

Mountain Bike Maintenance

When it comes to mountain bike maintenance, there are quite a few things you need to take into consideration. One of which is the type of bike you have. There are a few basics which you will have to remember regardless. Although, the specific mountain bike maintenance you’ll have to conduct will vary. Repairing a chain Regardless of the type of bike, there are a few things that you should always remember to do. For instance, maintaining your bike chain, to keep your mountain bike running smoothly. […]